Town restaurant owner thinks proposed development would give a boost

The owner of a restaurant in East Windsor believes that a residential development project near the Tecumseh shopping center would be great for the area.

Dick Bederaux-Cayne, owner of East Side Mario’s at 7780 Tecumseh Rd. E. next to Tecumseh Mall, says it would be great.

“That would be great. There are customers for the mall, the restaurants around. It will be a big boost for the region,” he says.

A rezoning request is submitted to the City of Windsor’s Standing Committee on Development and Heritage on Tuesday afternoon to pave the way for the project.

The proposed development right next to the Lauzon promenade is requesting five six-story buildings with 390 units and 498 surface parking spaces on just over 10 acres of land.

Bederaux-Cayne says it’s nice to see that something could happen on this earth.

“I used to work for the company that developed the Tecumseh shopping center years ago and one of my jobs was to lease this land. A development plan has never been drawn up, it’s like 25 years ago, ”he says.

Bederaux-Cayne likes the idea of ​​an integrated community.

“This whole area can be turned into a city on its own and people can live there and get everything they need at the grocery store, I think as far away as Canadian Tire and Home Depot. All the retail stores that are available here, it’s gonna be great, ”he said.

The Standing Committee on Development and Heritage meets at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12.

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