Tower City Mall owner turns mall appeal to marketplace, Excitation Brewing

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Tower City Center, which has been a mall since the Avenue Shops opened in 1990 and has remained a mall, albeit dying with divestment and fleeing tenants who made it a ghost town, after the Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock real estate company bought it in 2016, and which was later the subject of plans by Bernie Moreno and Bedrock to call the City Block shopping center instead, will continue to be a mall but s’ will now call a market, Bedrock announced yesterday.

“The iconic mixed-use development of the public plaza, which is more recently home to the Avenue boutiques, is fast becoming a hub for shopping, pop-up retail experiences, dining and entertainment,” while bringing an influx of small and local minorities. belonging to one of the busiest areas of downtown Cleveland, “the company said in a press release.” Plans for the market are underway as downtown Cleveland prepares to host dozens of visitors over the next 12 months for major events such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and the 70th NBA All Star Weekend. ”

No tenant has been announced, and Bedrock told there will be no investment in the renovations at this time, but he’s partnered with Cleveland Chain Reaction, a company that invests in entrepreneurs, to fill the spaces and will add banners and artwork to the space.

As to why this is a market and not a mall, according to this article:

Bedrock CEO Kofi Bonner sought in an interview to differentiate the designations of ‘mall’ and ‘market’, comparing the goal to being closer to a farmers market, with mixed entertainment. to shopping.

“It’s really about providing opportunities to integrate experiences, to interact with people, and to really provide a place that expresses that energy, so people don’t feel like they’re just there to shop. mainly, ”Bonner said.

You see, like how a farmers market is distinctly different from a grocery store because a local musician is strumming an acoustic guitar on a sidewalk and nothing else, Tower City will now be a market in the same way as Great Northern. is basically an amusement park. and not a shopping center because there is a small train which offers rides for children and a playground.

In recent years, the number of vacancies has accelerated both in stores and in the food court, with Cleveland and Brooks Brothers theaters being the most prominent departures.

But, this transformation promises to stem the tide.

“Centrally located and inspired by major markets around the world, Tower City Center will be a destination for the community to meet, dine and interact,” said Bedrock.

Congratulations on the mall. It’s gonna be a good one. May be. But it’s definitely going to be a mall.

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