Levi’s, ‘Cereal Bar’ and more pour into Pentagon City Mall

Levi’s at the Fashion Center in Pentagon City, courtesy photo

For those venturing into the mall for the first time in a while, the Fashion Center in Pentagon City might be a little different than you remember, thanks to a few recent additions.

Four new stores recently opened in the mall at 1101 S. Hayes Street, with two more expected to open in the coming weeks.

On the first level, the denim retailer Levi’s settled next to the Altar’d State, overlooking the food court.

At the second level, the luxury goods retailer Vincent settled next to Pandora and an interior design store Casa furniture opened on the other side of the food court.

On the ground floor of the “food pavilion” – the mall’s new term for its food court – a few additions are in the works. Like Kelis attested in 2003, milkshakes are a popular attraction, and the new Cereal bar day and night offers a dozen milkshakes and specialty cereal bowls, as well as coffee and bacon flights.

The cereal-centric restaurant offers unique combinations, like Marty McFly, a combination of Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, and Gummy Bears. Its website says it also offers oat milk and almond milk substitutes for those opposed to dairy.

A subway had already closed in the food court, but a new franchise for the sandwich chain is expected to open in November, a spokesperson for the mall told ARLnow.

Finally, as previously indicated, the Mediterranean restaurant Sante ‘plans to open this fall in the adjacent neighborhood. Ritz Carlton Hotel at 1250, rue S. Hayes.

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Kevin T. McElroy

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