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Iconic shopping destination R CITY Mall opens its doors to the city in an all-new avatar

Posted on November 1, 2021

With a 24,000 square foot courtyard, premium international brands, more than 250 global cuisines and more than 12 entertainment centers, the mall lifts the curtains on its new contemporary decor and redesigned logo that evokes splendor and grandeur. positivity

Bombay : One of the city’s favorite and largest shopping destinations over the past decade, R CITY Mall, has undergone a 360-degree transformation with completely redesigned lavish new interiors, a collection of iconic international brands, a widespread global F&B palate with over 250 kitchens accompanied by a brand new logo and slogan with an elegant design. With a sprawling courtyard spread over 24,000 sq.ft. making it an ideal venue for standing shows, music concerts, food festivals and more, the mall is also the city’s largest leisure and recreation center which is home to over 12 entertainment centers. leading.

Building on the renewed slogan – ” Experience the extraordinary, ‘the new look of the shopping center is designed to provide a sublime experience for every visitor. By turning it into a iconic shopping destination, the mall caters to budding shoppers who like to indulge in high fashion and lifestyle shopping. These developments come at a time when R CITY is reopening to the public in compliance with COVID-19 security protocols, adapting to changing times while continuing to be the mall that Mumbai has loved since its inception.

The newly renovated mall is ready for the holiday season with its mega event – ‘R CITY Fiesta’ which is an 80 day extravaganza featuring a grand and majestic festive backdrop – The fountains of light, an ornate structure, inspired by royal light water fountains from around the world. It is an elaborate design of 5 majestic horses that appear to gallop out of the fountain of light with crystal details. The screen is 34 feet tall surrounded by over 2 lakh glass crystals and creates a brilliant ambiance to reflect the cheerful ones to come.

This imperial decor is perfectly complemented by a valuable gratuity worth ₹ 2 crore which include the all-new limited-edition Jeep Compass 4×4, one iPhone every week and gold coins every day via raffles. In addition, guaranteed prizes of up to 5,000 will be awarded through a Spin the Wheel activity.

Pancham Lillaney, CMO, R Retail Ventures Private Ltd. said, “We are extremely excited to unveil R CITY’s new avatar which is not just a makeover in its appearance, but an extraordinary experience in the truest sense of the word. Our mega R CITY Fiesta is about to be the testament to this with breathtaking scenery and great value prizes worth ₹ 2 crore. Not only that, but we also have an exciting range of events and activities which includes wedding festival, jewelry festival, Christmas activations, comedy shows by well-known comedic figures, food festival at city level, and much more. Through these, R CITY is committed to keeping its promise of an extraordinary and memorable experience to its customers. “

When it comes to shopping, the mall has a range of iconic international brands such as H&M, The Collective Outlet, Nykaa Luxe, Steve Madden, ALDO, Superdry, Vero Moda, MAC and more, which together provide an enjoyable shopping experience. to customers. Sephora, Enrich Salon, Tapa Tora – A Tex-Mex Restaurant Format, and Dyson are some of the premium additions that will open soon.

Assigning the utmost importance to the safety of its customers, staff and employees, the mall’s efforts were recently recognized at the prestigious Mapic India Award for “Most Admired Shopping Mall with Innovative Covid-19 Protocols”. With 100% vaccinated staff and top-notch safety, hygiene and social distancing measures, customers can look forward to a happy and exciting shopping experience this holiday season in the safest shopping destination. – R CITY Mall, Ghatkopar.

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