Gap not required for League City restaurant to sell alcohol near school

A new restaurant coming to League City will sell alcohol within 300 feet of a school, but some details of how that distance is measured mean League City City Council approval was not required for Restaurant.

Alli Jarrett plans to open Low Tide Seafood at 201 S. Egret Bay Blvd., formerly CVS, in the coming months. The restaurant will sell alcohol. Under League City orders, restaurants that sell alcohol cannot be within 300 feet of a school, but Low Tide will be 225 feet from the Clear Creek High School property.

However, Executive Director of Development Services David Hoover explained at the Oct. 12 city council meeting. The city council does not have to grant an exemption to the restaurant so that it can sell alcohol.

The 225 foot measurement is a straight line, but it should be measured by the way a person walks. In this case, the distance is almost 360 feet including walking along the sidewalks and crossing Egret Bay Boulevard, Hoover said.

In the interest of protecting the city, council member Chad Tressler asked if this understanding of how distance is measured would ever be questioned, to which Hoover replied no.

“We are really delighted that they are coming here,” Hoover said of the restaurant.

In other cases

League City has received $ 10.39 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, but has yet to decide how to allocate it.

City Council on October 12 was about to approve a plan that would have allocated $ 8.68 million for water, sewer and broadband infrastructure; $ 1.5 million for public health and economic impacts; and $ 205,000 to recover lost income. However, Board Member Larry Millican asked to hold the item until the next meeting on October 26.

Millican said there is an ongoing Houston-Galveston Area Council program that would provide loans to small businesses. The program will need seed money, and League City could use American Rescue Plan Act funds to fund it, Millican said.

Millican asked to postpone until more can be learned about the program and potentially help fund it, which city council voted in favor of.

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