Anti-mask protest at Century City mall: reports

LOS ANGELES, CA – A group of people protesting California’s mask requirement held a protest at a Los Angeles grocery store and Westfield Century City mall on Sunday, according to multiple media and online reports.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the group first appeared at a Ralphs grocery store, where they walked through the store without a mask. Some were seen in incident footage refusing the offer of a free mask and yelling at buyers and employees.

The group then proceeded to the Westfield Century City shopping center, where protesters entered a Bloomingdales store and argued with customers while others began to dance in front of the store. One person was seen holding up a sign that read ‘COVID is a con artist’.

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Quoting a Twitter user, Newsweek reported that someone who appeared to be a “major disruptor” in the group was detained by authorities after a physical altercation with a buyer. The eyewitness said on Twitter that the disruptor was “later released to continue to disturb.

Journalist Emily Holshouser, who shared images of the protest on Twitter, reported that LAPD officers were present at the mall during the incident but “did not intervene except for a few very brief altercations,” she wrote. “They told me they didn’t want to make it worse.”

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It is not known whether any arrests were made or whether other protesters were detained during the incident.

Los Angeles County reported on Sunday that 12,488 more people had tested positive for the coronavirus, and 91 more had died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. As of Sunday, 7,544 people had been hospitalized for the virus, including 21% in intensive care.

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