15-year-old CEO to open store at Pentagon City Mall

Growing a successful business is far from easy. But for Trey Brown, the 15-year-old who founded the fashion label Spergo, it’s a dream he’s fulfilling.

Trey Brown (center) launched his clothing brand Spergo at the age of 12. (Courtesy Spergo)

Growing a successful business is far from easy, but for 15-year-old Trey Brown, it’s a dream he’s making.

He started his clothing line, Spergo, in his hometown of Philadelphia in 2018 and is now preparing to open a storefront at the Pentagon City Mall – his second.

Trey started the business with $ 178 in his birthday money when he was 12.

“I got my first 16 T-shirts, they sold out instantly,” he said. “I constantly kept reinvesting and came up with the name, combining sports and heroes and added go at the end for the go-getters.”

Spergo’s products currently range from hoodies and tracksuits to socks and hats.

Trey received a lot of help from her mother along the way, and she has since been able to retire thanks to the success of the business.

“Me and my mom are offering all the designs right now,” he said.

Trey has done everything he can to get his brand noticed, including social media marketing and sneaking into gigs to put his gear in the hands of celebrities.

“Now celebrities call me when they come to town to buy gear,” he said. “It’s a dream come true. It’s just nice to be young and to be able to pursue my dreams at a young age.

Trey hopes to inspire other children and remind them that nothing can stop a dream and an ambition.

“Believe in yourself, and one way to do that is to say affirmations,” he said. “I say them every day when I wake up and anytime I want to accomplish something. It blocks all negative energy.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect no one else to believe in you.”

Spergo set up a pop-up store before deciding to bring a permanent storefront to the Pentagon City Mall.

“The DMV has shown us so much love. We have a lot of new exclusives just for the grand opening,” Trey said.

The new location is scheduled to open on October 1.

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