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    It would be a crime to keep this taste to ourselves –
    so we set up Falafel City to share it with you

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    Fresher than that guy from Bel-Air

    We make our falafels, pitta and salads fresh.

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    Go your own way

    You can have your falafel however you like it –
    we never say no

What to eat


Whether you’re yearning for a bite of Bangkok or the flavours of Lisbon, we've got something to satisfy your cravings

Share the love


We're doing good things for people and good things for the planet

Where to get it


When you need a falafel, you need it now, so find out where we are

The world is your falafel

We think food should be your superhero: colourful, unbearably good for you and packing a heck of a punch. So we took the humble falafel, stuffed it full of big ideas and pumped it up with the flavours of the biggest and best cities in the world.

Forget street food, this is city food.